Words, tear down walls and build words 2018

Words are much more than words, words create images and identity. Decoration of Herstedlund school canteen in Albertslund.

Students from the 7th grade at Herstedlund School have proven that. The young students have participated in one of the three workshops lasting three days at Albertslund Art School, where they based on the TV series SKAM have worked on: important words, beautiful words, kind words, hard words, longing words and words to reflection. All these words have been drawn and shaped, and sown in wood and painted.

Textile artist Dorte Østergaard Jakobsen has invented the idea and she is the responsible artist. The project has been carried out in collaboration with artist Linda Orloff and Kenneth Schønning Olsson.

The project has been realized through an art sponsorship of 100,000kr from Lærerstandens Brandforsikring, and is the result of a competition.


Documentation from workshop at Albertlund Artschool