Under Over Fladen, SOLO, Gammelgaard, 2020


 Photo: Dorte Krogh, Music: Nigel Goulding 


In the darker Gamle Lade (Old Barn), in contrast to the Nye Lade, Østergaard Jakobsen focuses on the absence of light. Large and heavy lengths of textile with prints and coarse embroidery are hung close together to obscure the natural influx of daylight, and although they are not shaped as sails, they spark associations to primitive sails with signs of wear. The heavy textiles and dark wooden floor with the original end pieces are contrasted by a striking luminous surface that, seen from the built-in balcony, enhances the depth effect of the room. The transparency of the slightly elevated, almost floating translucent floor surface of cast acrylic sheets, enters into dialogue with the existing floor pattern, adding yet another layer to a story about travelling over time and of the vast expanses where personal experiences and insights are put into perspective. 

Again we are encouraged to interact with the installation. The audience is invited to sit or lie down to listen to the specially composed sound and sense the cool darkness. Like flakes of a fragmented form drifting across expansive plains towards invisible vanishing points, the milled pattern of the acrylic surface – that most of all resembles a giant exploded and highly crafted flower – intensifies the sense of spending a winter’s night on an icy sea. The implicit winter atmosphere of the room and the sense of being enveloped by snow-lit, cold but still safe darkness, reveals a life-affirming awareness of the presence of light within the dark in human life. This touches on universal human themes but also helps us go beneath what is evident at first sight; to go beneath the surface and allow ourselves to drift towards our own depths and inner expanses. 

Photo: Dorte Krogh, Music: Nigel Goulding 


From the opening night at my exhibition Under Over Fladen.

The two solo dancers from the the Royal Danish Ballet : Eugene Sagues Abad og Ryan Tomash, performed a choreography by Eugene Sagues Abad, based on one of my textile installations, to music composed by the English composer Nigel Goulding, costumes Tatiana Camre Andersen and textiles designed by me, enjoy.



In the bright Nye Lade (New Barn) at Gammelgaard she plays with our visual perception and the paradox between distance and proximity, as she translates a sea breeze into lengths of transparent silk, her exploration of silence and light reflected in the transparency and weightless translucency of the material. The gauzy organza is lifted by the air currents created by our slightest movement, and the simplicity of that, of simply existing, at first glance seems to more than fill up the space in a harmonious interplay with the colour that, in a sea of dawn tones, suggests a new beginning. 

Stepping closer and moving among the hand-printed and hand-dyed lengths of silk, one enters her far bigger and far more complex textile universe. The installation invites visitors on an inward and outward journey of their own; beckoning them to be lost, physically, among the wavy lengths of silk, to lie down on the aluminium floor with its specially made soft velvet cushions, enveloped in a warm, contemplative haze. In this interaction we experience the printed patterns from new angles, seeing patterns and colours intermingle to form new ones, while an ambient site-specific soundscape, created in collaboration with the English composer Nigel Goulding, interweaves to add another layer to the pattern, and surface reflections offer glimpses of seemingly endless depths; perhaps a moment of clarity, anchored in ourselves and stretching beyond the physical confines of the room.

Sketchroom, among other things a model of Ny Lade and Gammel Lade, dyeing samples, recipes, inspiration posters, etc. Two acrylic pictures 60x100x1.5 cm, with milled pattern and LED light.