‘MAPS-room for immersion 2’ solo exhibition, Stavanger Museum of Modern Art 2013

Maps – Room for Immersion’, Dorte Østergaards theme for the 3 rooms at the Stavanger Museum of Modern Art, in Norway 2012/13 is travelling. Read more below the pictures and in The Catalog: MAPS.  Cradles designed by Jakob Berg. Music by Nigel Goulding..

MAPS – Room for Immersion – Dorte Østergaards theme for the 3 rooms at the Stavanger Museum of Modern Art 2012/13 is travelling – the essential journeys artists has undertaken for hundreds of years in order to experience and soak up inspiration from other cultures and to develop on an artistic as well as on a personal level.

One of Dorte Østergaards preferred approaches in her art is the mixing of traditional handicraft traditions with modern technology as in the case og Maps – Room for Immersion where old maps, photos and drawings has been computer generated and afterwards been embodied by hand.

Despite the fact that Dorte Østergaard throughout her career have used technology to the full in the creation of her textiles and using sound and lighting to enhance the ambience in her installations, her work possessed none of modern society’s rapid and volatile stream of images. On the contrary – MAPS – room for immersion is a title that keeps its promise and maybe reminding us of journeys, not necessarily the ones that starting with the whole family seated on a plane – but the ones we undertake within and by ourselves.