Flower to my lover #1 solo udstilling Albertslund Rådhus

Flower to my lover #1 Albertslund Rådhus 6.oktober til 27. December 2016, Music Nigel Goulding, Chair ”Boat” Jakob Berg, produced by Stouby.












Dorte Østergaard still works with design installations. A format she developed in collaboration with her late husband Industrial Designer Jakob Berg. “Design installation” is a fitting term for the cross over between art and design that takes place in Dorte Østergaards works. Her pieces are not isolated designobjects but a spacious total experience bringing all senses into play and making her professional background as a textile designer go hand in hand with the artistic and conceptual project: banners of patterned textile, lights, sound and furniture incorporated and merged into a bodily and sensuous experience of the installation as a whole.