Tråd til tiden – A Stitch in Time, The Biennale for Craft & Design, Koldinghus 2021

A Stitch in Time / Tråd til tiden 

The Biennale is an exhibition and a competition taking stock of Danish crafts and design today.

“My mother left a lot of embroidery yarn; remnants from the many embroideries she has sewn over the years. When the land closed down, I found the bag of yarn. It was like taking a walk through the streets of memories. Every day I went a certain route and embroidered with my mother’s embroidery thread; routes and tracks, layer upon layer. Embroidery takes time, and now suddenly there were oceans of time. I leave seven embroideries filled with community, memories and experiments, which in turn can inspire others to give themselves time -to the slow, to the reflection, to the dreams -to what takes time ”

A Stitch in Time consists of seven embroideries, seven short stories, sewn on satin-woven wool fabric with inherited embroidery yarn, remnants from childhood Christmas calendars, flower tablecloths, Easter runners, bell-strings and the family’s small stool.


Dorte Østergaard Jakobsen, A Stitch in Time, was nominated to the Biennale award.

The Prize Committee 2021; Jane Sandberg, Director at Enigma, Mads Quistgaard, CEO Urgent Agency and Maria Sparre-Petersen, Professor at The Royal Academy, MFA, Ph.d. glass designer.

Said about the project: In this piece, the artist takes a poetic approach to her own personal history, using embroidery thread left behind by her mother to create embroideries inspired by the lessons of the pandemic. The pieces invite both nostalgia and contemplation and contain reflective layers of embroidered sequences that represent journeys in both time and place. The seven notations in the piece represent widely different visual expressions, which come together in an impactful and coherent whole.